Friday, June 5, 2009

SICK: Trader Joe's Cranberry Green Tea

The people who actually bought this tea love it and so Kristin and I were kind of disappointed to find that we think it tastes sick. Kind of sour. Don't like it much.

UNREAL: Bergen Bagels

It is cold and rainy and Kristin and I (Leah) had to walk around in it with wet shoes and also I was hungry. We only had 2 dollars each to spend! How were we ever going to find a good solution to our problems? Kristin, why don't you take a shot at the answer?

By going to Bergen Bagels, an amazing bagel shop with two convenient locations in Brooklyn! This is the bagel shop we tend to go to on weekends, and it's always been delicious, but this afternoon, it was particularly glorious. The highlight was certainly when the man behind the counter sliced into Leah's bagel and held it up for her to see the steam coming out of this fresh-baked piece of Everything-With-Vegetable-Cream-Cheese heaven. I had a good black-and-white cookie, also, that I described as unreal.

One of the best things about Bergen Bagels, aside from the incredible, fresh bagels, is the huge selection of spreads they have, in addition to the normal plain, vegetable, scallion and sundried tomato cream cheeses. Their tofu cream cheese is phenomenal, and they have it in a variety of flavors for all our vegan readers, as well as hummus. For our less vegetarian readers, Bergen bagels offers salmon spread, white fish salad, tuna salad, chicken salad and egg salad. They also offer sandwiches, panini, and salads, but if it's your first visit, go for the classic bagel and cream cheese of your choice.

While you are eating, why not catch up on the headlines on BB's special flatscreen that also reminds you of some of the great deals at the grill? The door was open so it was a little drafty, but no big deal.