Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Air Conditioning in and around 10011

Leah and I experienced a range of A/C temps today. The Sunoco gas station near the BQE entrance by the Gowanus Canal reported a temp of 90; Batty (my car) logged 97-107.

550 7th st., brooklyn, 4th floor: Bearable. In Julia's room, cold.

g train, church ave bound: Fine.

batty: No A/C. We nearly died while looking for parking (futile). Thighs seared upon contact with leather interior.

gristides grocery store: TUNDRIC. We actively bought less because we couldn't stand it. Cut our shopping short!

360 w. 22nd st. laundry room: not memorable.

360 w. 22nd st. 5th floor: Cold. One can comfortably wear Carhartt's and long sleeves.

General outside: Too hot for long sleeves, but while wearing long sleeves in preparation for entrance to frigid grocery store, had to remove one sleeve of the garment.