Tuesday, August 11, 2009


This will likely be the most succinct post I will ever write (because I already have biochemistry reading to do).

On August 1st, I moved to Boston, MA for medical school (more on that at a later date). Here are some things I have noticed about the city so far, especially my neighborhood, the South End:

-Friendly traffic enforcement agents...!
-Lots of one-way streets, many of which inexplicably switch direction midway.
-Lots of BAKERIES of all sorts
-Many rats (thankfully, not spotted inside any building)
-Luckily, the city is very walkable, because in comparison to good 'ole NYC, the public transportation sucks.
-Street names in New England are very literal (ie there's a playground on "playground street," a school on "school street"...you get the idea)
-Cape Cod is CLOSE.
-Everyone went to Harvard.
Just kidding.

To be continued...

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  1. also BEWARE of the 700 streets with the same name!