Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Behr Paint Color 710C-3: Gobi Desert

When I moved into my apartment in Brooklyn, I was terribly excited to be able to fully decorate a room just as I wanted it. And, in October 2008, I wanted ultra-traditional. To go with my cherry wood bedroom set and my olive-green bookshelf (handmade by my father, hand-repainted by me), I decided I wanted a rich color that wouldn't be too obtrusive. I have a tendency to go for colors like Behr 410D-4 ("Asparagus"), either very deep or very bright colors. But, with my very high ceilings (and a mother who hates color and helped pick out the paint), these seemed like they'd be overwhelming, so I decided on 710C-3, "Gobi Desert." I soon discovered that this is both the best and the worst color in the world.

710C-3 is a rich, deep color, without being too dark. It makes a room warm without looking too much like a country home, and it looks pretty sophisticated with white crown molding. I even like the color shade just below it ("Raffia Cream), although it's a little too close to the white version of colors that my mother likes so much. The name, Gobi Desert, isn't the one I would have chosen (I like my paint names to be a little closer to home, like raffia and asparagus), but the color is lovely and matches everything. It worked so well in my bedroom that I decided to paint my new living room the same color. With much lower ceilings and much less light, it still looks nice, although decidedly warmer. I think I'm more fond of it there, because I'll have cherry floors and green couches (sensing a pattern here?), and I have an extremely bright kitchen and nook (dining nook? book nook? craft nook? I don't know yet...), so it won't be so hyper-traditional. Ah, I love Gobi Desert. Alas, I also hate it.

It is beige, after all.


  1. would you call this an adult paint color, kristin? as a follow up, what color was your childhood bedroom?

  2. This is most decidedly an adult color. The most adult of all colors, maybe.

    My childhood bedroom, from 1990-1993 was pink, from 1993-2002 was blue with a moonscape border, from 2002-2004 was mango with white trim, and then from the time I went to college to the time I moved to Brooklyn, my parents kept it pink again. (The mango was too much for my mother, who hates color.)

    Now that it is my father's office, it's a nice light yellow with mustard trim. The have yellow and maroon curtains and a maroon flowered rug, with cherry furniture.