Monday, October 5, 2009

Ceres' Secrets of the Valley juice

Kathmandu has been hot and humid lately, more so than usual for October. Two hundred rupees in hand, I venture to Bhat Bhateni in search of a thirst-quencher. I pass by Mirage Fashion Tailors on the way, and I envision a maenad or satyr in some misty Bacchanalian lair imparting to me the Secrets of Kathmandu Valley via an intoxicating libation. What do I find upon entrance to BB but a whole aisle of fruit juices crafted by Ceres herself!

I am not surprised to be confronted with goddess-produced juice, because in Kathmandu one sees gods among mortals, according to a guide book in the tourist district.

I chose Secrets of the Valley juice over Youngberry or Medley of Fruits, say, and I am pleased with how the goddess of agriculture conjoined apple, berry, and cherry to produce a unified beverage. Not one particular fruit flavor can be distinguished from any other. The juice’s sweetness—not understated at all—means that if you don’t rinse the glass before you go to bed, in the morning it will be covered in ants. This ambrosia is irresistible, especially on a hot day.

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