Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Johnnie Walker Keep Walking Commercial

As we all know, I really like commercials that use history to sell me something. (See here. I also really love this one very much.) If it has a good song, even better. Here's a commercial I just saw that I found very effective because of its combination of powerful music and use of historic images.

However, I wonder, did it go too far by bringing up the Civil Rights Movement and the Unification of Berlin? Any opinions would be most appreciated.


  1. Why is Clorox Bleach sold directly to women? This commercial is telling us that laundry has, is, and always will be a woman's job. I come from a household where my father did all of the laundry. I never noticed a difference between him doing it and my mother doing it.

  2. I don't think it went too far in bring up the Civil Rights movement or the unification of Berlin. The images used to sell this product are those of "big steps for (hu)mankind" and both of these, as well as walking in space, establishing flight, and building a city as large as New York all were very large steps for civilization. But I believe your question is still valid when asked: Can this company live up to those standards?

  3. Apparenetly they agreed with you? The civil rights part was removed from the TV commercial.