Thursday, February 4, 2010

waking up at 5am

Recovering from having spent the past few weeks in a time zone that is 7 hours earlier, I can't stop waking up at 5am every morning. Prior to this, I had never woken up so early on purpose. Generally 5am signifies going to the airport (which is a bad feeling--I don't like airplane travel) or possibly having stayed up all night.

Waking up on my own at this time is actually not too bad. I would actually like it if didn't also mean that at 8pm I basically fall asleep wherever I happen to be. It's nice to be able to dawdle around and then find that it's only 9am. It's nice to be up early and not to have all the anxiety of having to be somewhere before it gets light out.

In conclusion, I am torn between wanting my normal sleep schedule back and wanting to embrace this opportunity for a strange sleep schedule (one of my goals in life).

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