Monday, April 20, 2009

Da Silvano

I have been to Da Silvano (260 6th Ave.) three times. I have left feeling amused three times. I have left swearing that Manhattan is dead to me twice. I have left feeling personally tricked once.

My first encounter with Da Silvano was at the bar. I was with my friend Hannah, waiting to see a movie at the IFC Center. I ordered a glass of red wine ($6). Hannah ordered a negroni, incognizant of the price. [Don’t let this happen to you at Da Silvano] It ended up costing a disproportionate $15. BUT, we were given a big basket of chips that tasted of smoked meats. In the hour or so we were there, these things happened:

1. Someone lit something on fire. The room filled with smoke.
2. The server who lit something on fire was yelled at by the manager-in-an-immaculate-tanned suit.
3. The bartender—in an attempt to pull off a fancy move/look sexy—broke a martini glass.
4. Hannah and I expressed concern about the shards from the broken glass.
5. We listened to a threesome of sorts (two women who seemed to be friends + one man whose friend seemed to be his blackberry until he met the two women), engage in loud conversation about high heeled shoes and sex.
6. We watched an Italian t.v. show featuring a woman in a sparkly, faux-diamond encrusted unitard.

The second time I went to Da Silvano, I was with my cousin, waiting to see a movie at Film Forum. We shared a salad (good) and I had tortellini in a cream sauce (v.good). In the hour or so we were there, these things happened:

1. We watched two servers making fun of another server for having a hole in his pants.
2. I overheard two men assessing the attractiveness of women who walked by.
3. I had to wait for the bathroom for a long time because it was occupied by a couple who subsequently made out on a park bench.

Last Friday was the third time I went to Da Silvano; it was also the time I felt personally tricked. I’m pretty sure Hannah did too. We ordered wine and an appetizer plate of meats and cheeses. [Most of the appetizer plates cost around $16}. Since we didn’t want paté, we asked if we could substitute prosciutto. The waiter said si si si so we got prosciutto, salami and parmigiano. In the hour or so we were there, these things happened:

1. I overheard two men complaining about 51st st. station and two women philosophizing on relationships.
2. Someone walked in on me in the bathroom.
3. We found out that our appetizer plate cost $30--$10 for prosciutto, $10 for salami, $10 for parmigiano.
4. We watched a group of women pass around and then chat on a phone. I think someone’s boyfriend was on the line.
5. Hannah and I left feeling disgruntled.


  1. so...the ultimate question: will you go again?

  2. yes, probably. even though it sends me mixed signals. i like the outdoor seating.

  3. is that your signature, FADDEP31?