Monday, April 20, 2009

Gizzi's Coffee

Last Wednesday, I went to the Fiction Circus's show at Gizzi's Coffee (16 W 8th St). The show was great/graphic, as always, and Gizzi's was a fantastic coffeehouse.

The actual coffeehouse was pretty nondescript and coffeehouse like, with the exception being that it was in Manhattan and not ultra-crowded. There were two couches there, and they were both open. In my mind, this makes it the best coffeehouse in the entire city, because I hate sitting and reading at tables, and in a lot of places, you can't even find a table.

I decided to try a fudge brownie and an iced vanilla latte. The brownie was pretty bad, actually, but the latte was probably the best I've ever had. I love iced vanilla lattes, and this one was superb. It was also served in a hurricane glass, which is either really awesome or really lame, depending on who you are.

The barista looked exactly like Carter Ooosterhouse, the man I want to marry, and was very flirty ("Do you want that with extra love?"), so that was also a major plus for Gizzi's. Plus, when Stephanie ordered a ceasar salad and they had run out of croutons, they gave her chicken on it for free, and in general were very concerned about the orders. And the staff danced along to some of Kevin's performance, which was very endearing.

Overall: Significantly better than Starbucks.


  1. what is the correct pronunciation of the name of this place?

  2. I suspected someone might ask this. In truth, I have no idea. I overheard a customer pronounce it with a "guh" sound, so I would assume this is correct, though there is something intriguing about pronouncing it with a "juh" sound.

    (I used to have the entire phonetic alphabet memorized. No more.)

  3. I think it's pronounced "juh."