Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Shake & Soup Cart on 33rd St and Park Ave

I pass a Shake and Soup cart on my way to Citibank a lot, and I'm always a little intrigued by it. I don't think I'd get a shake from there, considering that Shake Shack is also right near the office, but today I finally gave into temptation and got a soup. I was at first a little dismayed at the price, $4 for a small, considering it was coming from a cart, but the portion was just right and it came with a really good, fresh roll. I chose the cream-of-broccoli soup, which was more watery than I normally like, but tasted very good and very creamy. They also serve a wide variety of other kinds, including lobster bisque, chicken & dumpling, Manhattan clam chowder, and tomato. Overall, I wouldn't say it's my favorite office lunch place (not with Tina's, Kati Roll, Times Square Bagel, and really good pizza on 33rd and 5th right around us), but it was pretty good and certainly a lot better than Austin's Cafe.

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