Sunday, June 21, 2009

ice cream in greenpoint

I hope there is more ice cream in Greenpoint then this, but this is all I have been able to find! Mr. Softee used to come by a lot (judging from the frequency of hearing the music) but since I have been fixated on eating ice cream all the time, I have not once heard the Mr. Softee tune.

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1. Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory, 97 Commercial St., at the very end of Manhattan Ave.
I love Blue Marble more than this place but convenience and oddness of location do have some appeal. Comparing to the DUMBO location, this one is downright odd, in this somewhat deserted tip of Greenpoint, right near the Newtown Creek park where you can sit and see the sunset behind the Manhattan skyline. There is also a feral cat colony in a nearby vacant lot, and a movie set that is being built -- seems to be some kind of minature carnival or something. The huge drawback here is that it is only open Thursday - Sunday, and the main times I want ice cream are Monday night, Tuesday night, and Wednesday night.

2. Corner Frenzy a.k.a M & W Laundromat, 995 Manhattan Ave, at Huron St.
This take-out window has a sign out front that boats something like 24 flavors of softserve plus 1.50 for chocolate and vanilla plus free chocolate or strawberry dip coating. Now, it isn't exactly appetizing to watch them mix the regular white softserve with flavor syrup and squish it back through the machine onto the cone, and it kind of made my stomach hurt later, but at least it is open every night of the week. Plus I think you can actually buy other types of food and it is actually a laundromat.

View across Newtown Creek while eating your ice cream

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  1. you only have a few more days to meet the love of your life at corner frenzy.