Thursday, June 11, 2009

Loved It: Blue Marble Ice Cream

Kristin, Roger, and I have been fixated on soft serve ice cream for the past few days, but we cannot find it. Not even a Mr. Softee truck. Kristin googled soft serve from her phone last night in Park Slope and found the listing for Blue Marble at 420 Atlantic Ave. We had just heard how good this place was, so we walked over.

To be clear, Blue Marble isn't soft serve. But Kristin and I didn't care (Roger did). We loved it!!!! Some of the flavors they had were: blackberry, ginger, cinnamon, chocolate chip, frozen ronny brook yogurt, mocha chip...and more I forgot. I had thought I had pretty much had all the good ice cream there was to have in the world, but I think Blue Marble surprised me!!!!

At this place, they use all organic and ethical ingredients which includes the dairy and the coffee. It is in Boerum Hill -- a nice walk from the Atlantic Terminal/Fulton St. area on warm evenings.