Monday, July 6, 2009


I really enjoy bubble tea, which apparently has its origins in 1980s Taiwan. It tastes pretty much like cold, sweet, milky tea (at least the milk teas do), and has delicious balls of tapioca (called pearls) at the bottom. The consistency of the pearls is a little chewy, but not as chewy as gummies are. Overall, it's a lovely little drink.

Right now, for lunch, I'm having a big glass of it from Koryod@ng, a bakery in Koreatown that sells it for $4.25 (a nice little side for it is the red-bean bun, which goes for $1.35). However, you can get a slightly smaller glass of it at Vanessa's Dumpling House (probably one of my top ten restaurants in NYC) for only $3.00, and I'm sure that there are places in Chinatown where it is even cheaper.

If you'd like to try to make this yourself, I quickly googled "bubble tea recipe" and came across this. Apparently Epicurious doesn't have a recipe for it.

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