Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Bad Horse Pizza

In March, one of my friends invited me to use Yelp for the first time.  I didn't then, but since moving back to New York City, I've decided to get back on the review bandwagon and start using it.  I'll be posting those reviews over here, too.  Who knows? Maybe soon I'll be reviewing Yelp! 

Bad Horse Pizza - 2224 8th Avenue
I really loved the pizza we ordered, the Pig & Goat, which had goat cheese, prosciutto, and roasted red peppers.  The combination was delicious, and the crust here was delightfully thin and crispy.  It is, however, a bit expensive for pizza (for two beers and this pizza, the bill came to $42 with tip, though we did have two slices leftover for lunch the next day).

The service was very attentive, and they left a nice, if bizarre note on the back of the receipt thanking us, which I always like.  The decor is simple, but nice for a pizza-place, and I really loved the big wooden shutters around the back windows.

I'd be back, but I think it would be for the happy hour special - plain large pie and two beers for $20.

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