Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Make My Cake

In March, one of my friends invited me to use Yelp for the first time.  I didn't then, but since moving back to New York City, I've decided to get back on the review bandwagon and start using it.  I'll be posting those reviews over here, too.  Who knows? Maybe soon I'll be reviewing Yelp! 

Make My Cake - 121 St. Nicholas Avenue: 

I split the double-chocolate cupcake; it was delicious and the perfect size for two.  Very moist cake, and the frosting was absolutely amazing (and this from someone who doesn't like frosting very much).  The frosting had a familiar taste, a little bit like the out-of-the-box kind we had when I was growing up, but so much fresher and clearly homemade, so it was perfect.  The price was a little steep at $4 for one, but as I said, the size was big.  I also really loved the pink decor everywhere, and the woman behind the counter was excellent - told us about her favorite cakes, and was so friendly.  I'll definitely be back to try a slice of cake!

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