Wednesday, April 15, 2009

AnInnerGlow Productions

I'm having a hard time posting my friend Aaron Levesque's latest short film, Facebook Sally, but you should check it out regardless. It's also a semifinalist in a contest on, and if you like it, you can go vote for it there.

Facebook Sally is one in a long line of films that Aaron has created. My favorite is What A Girl Wants, which I think should be retitled, but which I find very funny. The set up for it is really adorable, and the timing works for it in a way that I think Aaron has trouble acheiving in other movies. Aaron's films are mostly comedies, and he's got an interesting sense of humor that can be off-putting at times, and really quite hilarious at other times. This is one where it's just off-beat enough to work.

I think that what's most incredible about Aaron's films is that you can tell just how deeply he loves them, and I know that he's given up on other things to work on them in his spare time. He has no formal training, except for one film class (I think), and I really think that if he could do some formal studying, his work would improve vastly and his pacing would move a little faster. As it is, though, he makes this stuff in his spare time, while studying for his Pharm.D. and working, and while I know he'll be a great pharmacist, I hope that one day he's able to follow his dreams of making film a bit more seriously.

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