Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Poets House Showcase

I spent a while this summer interning at Poets House working on the Showcase. A compilation of all the poetry and poetry-related books from the year, the Showcase acts as a display not only of poets and poetry, but of underappreciated independent presses. This year, the Showcase is on display at the Jefferson Market Library, because Poets House is in a temporary space until they can move into their new home in Battery Park next fall.

The Showcase itself is very interesting, and definitely worth a quick trip to check out its holdings, which vary from homemade chapbooks to reference biographies. They have chairs set up so you can sit and read if you'd like, or just peruse. It's a great place to get some inspiration for your next read, and since summer's coming up and you should be looking for a new beach read anyway, I'd recommend you stop in. I spent a lot of last summer borrowing and reading these (the perks of being an intern), and I know there are some real gems in there. The Jefferson Market Library is also gorgeous, and also well worth the visit.

The Showcase is open until April 11th, and is located at 425 Avenue of the Americas at 10th Street.

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