Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Trivia at Maggie Brown

Maggie Brown is a cute restaurant/bar right near my apartment, with pretty good comfort food, and great velvet flocked wallpaper. I've eaten dinner there a few times, and while it's not my favorite restaurant in Clinton Hill, it's good for a change of pace, and a lot of people I know just adore it.

Last night, Leah, our friends Wendy and Megan, and I went to Quiz Night there. If you haven't played trivia at a bar before, you should, and you could definitely get your start (as I did), at Maggie Brown. There's a game on the first Tuesday of every month, and while they say it starts at 7ish, it really starts around 7:45.

The basic premise is that you and your team (we were the Red Wrigglers) write down the answers to a series of questions over the course of a few rounds. Whoever wins gets a prize. Some of the questions were easy (What is April's birthstone? Diamond) and others were hard (How many tax forms are there in the United States? 480), but most were interesting, and we had a fun time trying to figure them out, so we're definitely planning on going back again, although maybe next time with the goal of meeting people and not coming in last place again.

I'd be really interested to know, also, if anyone has any suggestions for any other Quiz Nights in Brooklyn, Queens or Manhattan, especially ones that take place at really good English-style pubs.



    This one (Trivariety) was really good, but did not take place in an English pub and also appears to maybe be defunct.

  2. I wanted to add that I enjoyed Quiz Night because the atmosphere was pretty friendly and a little chaotic -- two things i like in an event!

  3. Thanks for the suggestion! I'll check it out.

  4. I've been to an alternate-Mondays trivia night at Sidecar in Park Slope. It was a nice time, although hopefully it won't blow up from your website.