Thursday, May 21, 2009


I went to Crisp today for lunch at the urging of a coworker. I love falafel, so I was really looking forward to it, and I wasn't entirely disappointed as I expected to be. The restaurant was ultra yuppie-like, and reminded me a lot of Zen Burger but in a bad way(Zen Burger's looking like that is okay because it's like a yuppie version of McDonald's), and dear lord is it ever overpriced.

But, the falafel itself was very soft and not at all greasy, which was nice, and the pita was pretty good. I had just a plain Israeli-style sandwich, but they have lots of interesting ones, including one with "North African ground peanut sauce" and sweet potatoes, which could possibly be good and would certainly be interesting. I also appreciated the effort with biodegradable packaging (although don't get me started on making plastic from corn, because I recognize the huge issues with that, as well).

Overall, I probably won't go back, just because I love eating falafel from carts (where it tastes better than this) or from a chain that also sells French fries, and because I really can't afford to blow $9.75 on a falafel sandwich and lemonade all that often, but I wouldn't tell anyone else not to go. If you want to stop by, there's one at 684 Third Avenue and another at 110 West 40th Street.

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