Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The American Girls Cookbook

I love cooking. Unfortunately, I'm not so great at doing it myself (particularly when I come home from work), but I adore the concept. The whole process of it, from gardening to serving, enthralls me, and I want to participate in every part of it. I like to eat homemade meals and I love reading about other people cooking.

My parents weren't particularly big about cooking, and so I think my love of it came directly from one place, Pleasant Company. I have to say, they've sold out a lot recently, but back in the early 90s, they were just about the greatest thing ever, and I loved just about everything that came out of it. In particular, The American Girls Cookbook.

This book taught me a love for place settings (Samantha), deviled eggs (Molly) and saffron (a pretty enormous mistake with Kirsten). It also taught me the joys of reading about food, and is one of the few cookbooks that I've ever been able to follow perfectly. Perhaps now that I'm able to read books by Julia Child, Irma S. Rombauer and Alice Waters, I should move beyond this book, but it will always be the one that started a life-long love affair.

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