Monday, April 27, 2009

Turkish Poached Eggs with Sage Butter

At 3:30pm today, Kristin decided to revise her Cleanse strategy aka fell off the wagon.* Deciding to adopt a whole foods regimen instead of the Master Cleanse (see below), she came over for dinner tonight. We decided on another Orangette recipe, Turkish Poached Eggs with Yogurt and Spicy Sage Butter.

This is an extremely simple recipe (if you know how to make poached eggs), but the flavors are wonderfully complicated. At any given moment, you can taste creamy, tangy yogurt, spicy red pepper, and sage-infused butter. The garlic has the potential to be a little overwhelming, especially if you don't have a garlic press, but we didn't find it to be too much of an issue.

Next time, we would cut the garlic up smaller, and poach the eggs in a shallower pan. (When my mom makes this, she just fries the egg, which would probably yield a less squishy meal.) We also would definitely try to use greek yogurt (instead of plain ronnybrook farm yogurt) so that it is less soupy. This will be a great opportunity to use homemade yogurt, once we master the process.

*It wasn't that she lacks discipline and got too hungry, she just didn't want to drink 1 liter of salt water everyday.

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