Saturday, May 2, 2009

Brunch in Soho

Why do I keep going to Soho? It's a mystery. Sarah and Steph were going for the day for shopping and other Soho-type activities, and I tagged along with them for brunch at the surprisingly pleasant place they had picked out.
Here is where we went:

Right there were those two women are, to be exact. This is 100 Acres on Macdougal.

The second we arrived, the otherwise gray day became bright and sunny. We stood on an actually non-crowded sidewalk and a group of charity runners came out of the restaurant exclaiming louder than I have ever heard about the pleasantness of the sun. What optimism! What appreciation! Soho!

Anyway, we liked the nice windows next to our table that reminded us of Bates. We liked looking out them at the people who were walking dogs and examining the smart car parked outside. The place was not too packed, and actually pretty spacious. I think everyone liked what they ordered too.

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