Friday, May 1, 2009

Cafe Miro

Yesterday evening, Kristin and I had some time to spare before a book event in the wasteland (to me) of SoHo.  Down on Broadway by the Scholastic office where the book event took place, we were looking for a place for a little snack.  Kristin suggested this place because she had been there before and really wanted some kind of frozen coffee drink that they have.  Inside, it was pretty big and trying to be sleek what with the metal menu with a small, mechanical looking font that was hard to read, and the slow jams playing overhead.

It took me a long time to figure out what kind of pastry I wanted, and finally I decided on some kind of fruit crumb cake in a glass cake plate next to the cashier.  Total with cafe au lait (inspired by steph) everything costs $6.  The cafe has other food counters with things like sandwiches and pizza and salads.  There is a bunch of seating, though the whole atmosphere, Kristin and I decided feels kind of like a classy food court.  

Things were going okay, though not great, especially after Kristin realized that Housingworks was close by and we could have gone there.  I wasn't sure if the server had actually given me the whole milk I asked for.  Finally, I noticed something bluish near the bottom of the crumb cake we had eaten most of.  We flipped it over and noticed many vibrant green spots.  They gave me my money back and threw the rest of the cake out.  Kristin did say that the frozen vanilla latte she got was exactly what she wanted, but after the mould, we felt a little bit off about the whole experience.  It also made Housingworks seem really appealing.

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