Saturday, May 2, 2009

Weekend Trains

I doubt that anyone would come here looking for subway information, but I recently became an expert on train service advisories, as of my last subway ride from Tribeca to Greenpoint.

The A is actually running normally this weekend. There is no C train, instead the F train is the C train. I don't know what this means, but they are having train announcers justify it premptively by describing "necessary construction." Okay. There is no F train. Instead, if you want to go to Coney Island, you have to get to the G at Hoyt Schermerhorn and take it towards Smith-9 where it will continue on the F train line to Coney Island. This also means the G trains are extra long, and seem to be extra frequent. Marvel at the sight of the long G train! It continually thrills me.

To summarize. The F is the C. The G is the F. The A is normal.

This is probably for this weekend only, and maybe next weekend. The N, Q, R, W are also all messed up, but don't ask me about that. All I know is that if you want to go to City Hall, don't even bother with the Broadway line. Just take the 4 or 5.

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  1. my sister used to live in the building directly across from the hoyt-schermerhorn stop! good times, good times.