Thursday, June 18, 2009

coffee in greenpoint, a geographical study

Recently, I have been doing some research for you. This is important. Who knows the next time you are going to need the information I am about to share with you. You could suddenly have to hold an emergency meeting with your associate in North Brooklyn. The G train could shut down, and you might need a place of refuge from the rain.

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1. Greenpoint Coffee House -- 195 Franklin St. at Green St.
This place is across the street from my house so it gets big points automatically. There is out door seating, and a pleasant interior, although my roommate and I are never sure if we are supposed to order at the counter or sit down or what. Coffee prices are pretty cheap too, for example, a latte is 2.50 which is much less than comparable Manhattan places, or even other places in the neighborhood. They have food here, too, and a nice loose tea selection. I would say proximity and price are winning qualities here.

2. Champion Coffee -- 1108 Manhattan Ave between Dupont and Clay
I just found out about this place recently but I really like it! It is tucked away in the northern area of the neighborhood, and actually located under some apartments. They have a backyard that is surrounded by other people's homes, including fire escapes above the shop where you can see the neighbors' dogs. They are really friendly here, and I like the tucked-away location. Coffeewise, they have only Americano, no regular, so prices start a little higher, but I have always enjoyed coming here a lot, and would like to try the food options they serve. Bonus: if you go in the next few days, you are going to be able to check out the 4th of July Parade they have constructed on that part of Manhattan as part of a Jennifer Aniston movie they are filming.

3. Brooklyn Label -- 180 Franklin St. at Java
I went to this place for the sake of thorough research. It is always busy with diners, and though I think you could sit around at a table without ordering a whole meal, I never have wanted to just because it is so busy. They do have coffee to go, which isn't the cheapest (2.25 for small iced coffee I think?) But they were actually pretty friendly.

4. Cafe Grumpy -- 193 Meserole Ave. at Diamond
I read great reviews of this place before going, so expectations were high. I don't know enough about coffee to really care about all that, but what I like the most about this place is the space. There is a lot of room! I have come here to do job applications when I got sick of my apartment. It is also close to McGolrick Park which is my favorite park around here, and sort of close to the library.

5. Brooklyn Standard -- 188 Nassau Ave. between Humbolt and Jewel
I came here today after getting soaked in the rain and liked it! It is modeled after a bodega but with local and ethical products including Stumptown coffee -- which actually isn't local. But it is fair trade. Prices are good for logo-free, fair trade coffee, and they just give you a cup and you can serve yourself which helps you to participate more in the whole experience. Far from my house, and not really a place you can come to sit around, but right next to McGolrick park. Also very friendly here!

6. Sweetleaf Coffee & Tea -- 10-93 Jackson Ave., Long Island City, right over the Pulaski Bridge

Going to this place from Greenpoint requires a walk across the Pulaski Bridge (you could also take the 61 bus or the G to 21st -- probably the only reason anyone would ever use that pointless stop.) but I think the walk across the bridge adds to the reason I like this place. The second time I went, I didn't like it as much, but I think that actually had to do with the fact that I got on the 7 shortly after (it is right next to the Hunters Point stop) and there were some problems and the entire platform was bumper to bumber and it was raining and horrible and everyone was late to work. Also it was burning hot down there. Anyway, I do like this place. They serve Stumptown and had very nice staff (too nice, really) though there isn't much seating. The scone I had there was very good too -- which I think is rare for scones you didn't make yourself.

On the map, I also included Gregory's Coffee which is an expensive, unfriendly, mediocre place in Manhattan that was close to one of my internships. I put it on there for comparison. I don't think you would want to go there at all. I prefer any of these places compared to places in Manhattan because they are less crowded, you can actually get a seat, and much cheaper for good quality!


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