Monday, June 15, 2009

Stops on the G Train

"You gotta love the G train. If you love it, it’ll love you back.”

Court House Sq.
-- I don't like the race from the E, V trains to try to make the G train. You get tricked into thinking that there is no wait, since there are always G trains waiting in the station. The only difference is that you can wait while sitting in the train, waiting for the bell to ding and the doors to close.

21st St./Van Alst -- I do not get the point of this station. Have never been here, and don't need to since it is about half a block from Court Sq.

Greenpoint Ave. -- The station I know best. Sometimes the card swipes don't work, and sometimes there are men passed out by the turnstiles. I like thinking about how much cumulative time I have spent waiting here. How many of my ideas can I credit to reflection time, waiting on the G?

Nassau -- Meticulous G train riders will have realized that I forgot about Nassau in the first version of this review. I think that's accurate. Notable things near this stop are the Greenpoint Library, McCarren Park, and Peter Pan Doughnuts. Other than that, it is nondescript.

Metropolitan/Lorimer -- I swear they have timed the L train to just miss the arriving G trains. Whenever I take the L train here, I have just missed the latest G and it is 15-20 minutes wait or sometimes more! In winter, this G train platform has a cold breeze even though it is underground. What?? I do like the musicians who sometimes play down there on the Smith-9 bound platform.

Broadway -- Have never stopped here, but always seems creepy from all the stains on the walls.

Flushing -- no opinion.

Myrtle/Willoughby -- Never been but always a ton of people get out here.

Bedford Nostrand -- The only times I have waited here are with the G goes unexpectedly "express" or they do that weird late night shuttle thing, or that time the whole g train shut down below this stop.

Classon -- no opinion

Clinton Washington -- there were stretches this winter when I waited here late at night for what seemed like hours and hours. These exits might be the most scenic exits on the G line, especially the SE Washington and Lafayette exit in spring when the roses are in bloom. Climbing the stairs, I swear you can actually smell all the greenery growing around here.

Fulton -- This is the worst stop to wait at. It always takes forever, and there are so many misleading traffic noises that make you think the train is coming and it isn't.

Hoyt Schermerhorn -- Once I waited here for about 45 minutes with a crowd of people before they annouced that the G wasn't coming. Negative points for the A/C trains often not running here on the weekends and it never being clear what's going on.

Bergen St. -- Never had to wait here too long except one time for the F train when I had to pee really bad.

Caroll St. -- Again, never had to wait long here. Something about this area of Brooklyn?

Smith - 9 -- Always seems like a long wait here. Once I went through here on the F train and since I had left my house it had started snowing. When we emerged above ground, the skyline of Brooklyn was full of huge snowflakes -- the first of the year.

Great article about the G train

If you are a G train rider, I encourage you to comment with your own reviews of the different stops.

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  1. One of the first times I ever took the G, I forgot to get off the E at Court Square, and I saw on the map that the G stops at "Queens Plaza" also, so I got off there and waited for the G train. And waited. And waited.

    After about 45 minutes of me being cranky and impatient and whining at Roger, we decided to walk back to the E train, and took it to Court Square, where we got on a G train and went home.

    Queens Plaza: The G doesn't actually go here.