Tuesday, June 16, 2009

BIZARRE: Strange Invaders

I don't see many movies anymore, and this weekend when we accidentally bought and then returned tickets to see Up 3D and then couldn't see just plain Up, I assumed I wouldn't see one any time soon. How wrong I was.

Sunday, my friend picked up Strange Invaders, a gem of a sci-fi film, for only $1 at a sidewalk sale. The film seems like it might be a spoof, but after listening to the commentary for about five minutes, I think that maybe they were taking themselves seriously. The story is a little difficult to follow, but generally it's about aliens, who dress like they are from the fifties. There's some subplot about a man searching for his ex-wife and daughter, and in the meantime goes through two girlfriends.

Two things I think might have been in homage to Plan 9: the outdoor lighting changes constantly within one scene, so you never know if it's night or day or some weird combination of the two; and the plots holes are so big and so frequent that the move plays like swiss cheese. The best thing about the movie was definitely Wallace Shawn, who may be my favorite person ever.

Overall: Fun but not as fun as Destroy All Humans or Mars Attacks!, though it did sort of rekindle my love for Wallace Shawn, Siskel & Ebert, and watching movies with friends.

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  1. This makes me want to watch Plan 9 again...with friends.